Dark Kitchens - Why shipping container kitchens are the future of food

There is a lot to like about the delivery of food nowadays. Whilst delivery primarily used to be reserved for your local Chinese, Indian, or pizza restaurant, the advent of UBEReats, Deliveroo and Google Wing mean that delivery of food is not just for last-mile delivery services, but also for their associated restaurants.

With this growth in delivery options comes the opportunity to change the entire takeaway industry with “Dark Kitchens” (also known as ghost kitchens). These shipping container kitchens can provide access to a new location without having to incur high start-up costs. associated with fixed and high foot traffic locations!

Leading the forefront, Deliveroo are creating an entirely new brand of restaurant in Europe called “Rooboxes”. These portable container kitchens aim to decrease prices for customers by producing food at a lower cost. This is achieved by avoiding the high rental expenses you can expect from traditional restaurant spaces in popular areas.

If you are considering a shipping container kitchen, here are a few questions to start with:

  • How long until I can be up and running?

  • What are upfront costs?

  • Can I rent the appliances?

  • Are container kitchens movable?

For all the answers, contact our team at Wotbox. We are currently building a number of container kitchens and container coffee shops for distribution all around Australia!

CEO of Deliveroo Will Shu.  Image: Deliveroo

CEO of Deliveroo Will Shu. Image: Deliveroo