How wotbox can help your community project benefit from the Regional Growth Fund

There is a significant push by the NSW government for community infrastructure projects in regional areas through the Regional Growth Fund - the information below shows how to apply for this funding through the section of this fund known as "Stronger Country Communities Fund" or the SCCF

Wotbox is proud to support regional New South Wales and is committed to supporting partners and clients with their funding applications for container visions across the state. Our support can focus on the following three primary areas to assist in the application process for you and your project - 

  • Help you through the application process
  • Develop drawings and visions for your application
  • Strategically consult on the viability and scope of the project

Eligible Projects

The Stronger Country Communities Fund supports projects that deliver local community infrastructure or sporting facilities. Projects must be for:

  • construction of new or refurbishment/upgrade of existing community infrastructure
  • construction of new or refurbishment/upgrade of existing local sporting infrastructure
  • capital works related to street beautification and public ‘place making’.
Eligible Project Matrix
Community get together

If you would like to find out more about the fund directly from the NSW Government pages - then click through the link below to read up through their website.