Custom Event Containers
custom boxes

With a bespoke customised container you can create more than a tailored, well-crafted space, you can create a user experience that will be hard to forget. 




The first question we need to consider when creating a container space is, what's its purpose? How will your space be used? What goes into it? Do you need a rooftop viewing platform and would gold taps provide the right finish? etc. The space needs to serve the needs of those who will use it, so it needs to work on both aesthetic and functional levels.



At WOTBOX we do more than simply convert steel boxes, we aim to create an experience. So whether you are promoting a brand or product, or creating a dwelling for loved ones, the design must be led by the needs of those who who will use it so their experience is fulfilling on every level.




The scale of the project is key - coffee shops can fit into a 10ft container, but retail spaces and bars are better suited to 20 and 40ft Units.  10ft (3m), 20ft (6m) and 40ft (12m) are the standard sizes for length, with 9ft 6 (2.89m) being the height of a suggested High Cube container which are best for usable spaces. 


We are happy to move your container around for you. We know you may want to have your coffee shop at a festival, or your brand promoted at different beaches up and down the country. Let us know when and where you want your container - and we will make sure it gets there safely for you.





DARE - Iced Coffee

Pacaway Rooftop deck, Hydraulic drop deck, Multiple fridges and  electrical refit


Front Awning, Rear Shelving, graphics and paint


Full Kitchen fitout, tiled walls and stone benchtop, double awning and custom cabinetry


Full Kitchen fitout, Custom container themed signage, retractable awning and custom cabinetry

other uses

We might work with boxes but we like to think outside of them. We create container solutions whatever the setting, from fairgrounds, coffee shops, and food fairs to ice rinks and outdoor volleyball tournaments, we are happy to hear your wildest ideas and flex our creative container craft. 


Bars and Kitchens

Food and beverage solutions are perfect for containers, secure, safe and easy to brand.


VIP Spaces

More than a tent or a couple of sofas - separate yourselves in style, with a statement.


Brand Experiences

The ultimate solution for a complex tour, easy to pack, move and transport to the next location.

Rooftop Deck

Need an elevated view for a DJ Booth or a racetrack? Use a container to see the masses.

Commentary Boxes

With a glass front these 'all-seeing' boxes are a perfect solution for your commentary team.


Information Booths

Offer effective support at any event with a secure and weather resistant 10ft booth. 


Site Buildings

Offices and storage are often required on major sites - why not use a customised container?

Exhibition Spaces

As display cases containers are simple to install, safe as a vault and uniquely creative.


Giant Screens

Take it outside, put a huge open air display inside or on top of a container for max impact.