Dark Kitchens - In converted shipping containers

There is a lot to like about the delivery of food nowadays - whilst delivery used to primarily be reserved for your local chinese, indian or pizza restaurant, the advent of UBEReats, Deliveroo and now Google Wing mean that the delivery of food is a bit business, not just for the last mile delivery services, but also their associated restaurants. 

With this growth in delivery options, comes the opportunity to change the entire takeaway industry with what are now known as Dark (or Ghost) Kitchens - which can  provide access to a new location without having to incur high start-up costs. associated with fixed and high foot traffic locations! 

The extract below is part of an article HERE and defines how Deliveroo are creating an entirely new brand of "Restaurant" in Europe

Each cluster of containers is called a Deliveroo Edition, while the containers themselves are called Rooboxes. A Deliveroo Editions site will contain six or seven Rooboxes.

Currently, it costs restaurants a lot of money to run their high street locations, and that cost is passed onto consumers, whether they dine in-house or order takeaway. Deliveroo is trying to reduce that burden through the cheaper, portable Rooboxes — that’s why it’s fronting all the capital for the sites. If restaurants begin producing takeaway food more cheaply, then they can reduce takeaway food prices for customers. And that means more orders for Deliveroo!

With this the question about how to maximise the flexibility of the unit is a key consideration - Questions such as

  • How quickly can I be up and running?
  • Am I locked into the build costs - and how much are they?
  • Can I just rent the kitchen and appliances?
  • Can I change my cuisine or location quickly

All of the questions above can be answered by our team at Wotbox - who are currently building a number of kitchens and coffee shops from Modified Containers for distribution around the country! 

 CEO of Deliveroo Will Shu      Image:Deliveroo

CEO of Deliveroo Will Shu