We might work with boxes but we like to think out of them. We create container solutions whatever the setting, from fairgrounds, coffee shops, and food fairs to ice rinks and outdoor volleyball tournaments, we are happy to hear your wildest ideas and flex our creative container crafts. 


Bars and Kitchens

Food and beverage solutions are perfect for containers, secure, safe and easy to brand.


VIP Spaces

More than a Tent - this is the way to separate you from the rest and make a statement.


Brand Experiences

The ultimate touring method, pack it, pick it and move to your next location

Rooftop deck

Who doesn’t love an elevated view of a festival, or from a VIP Bar looking out over the masses.

Commentary Boxes

With a glass from - these boxes can be a perfect place for your commentary team!


Information Booths

Secure and weather resistant - a 10ft Information booth for your event of festival


Site buildings

Offices and storage are required on major sites - why not use a custom container?

Exhibition Spaces

Perfect displays - simple to instal and with a huge impact


Giant Screens

Opening from the side - we are able to put a huge Open air display inside or on top of the container for maximum impact